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Just a Journal...

A Falcon's Scream and a Lion's Roar....

This journal is my personal journal limited to mostly friends and a few acquaintances. It keeps record of the interesting and non-interesting things in my life. I also have two other LJ's that are feeds for my photoblogs:

  • For my "Picture of the Moment" blog: wyldfires (courtesy of shoutingboy)

  • For a PhotoBlog chronicling some behind the scenes thoughts on photography: wyldfiresstudio

  • Note: This journal is f-locked, and the comments section is screened from non-Flisted folks. Memes and mindless banter/chatter are usually not filtered. I am a firm believer in the concept that not everything is made for public consumption. If I don't know you or have not had you recommended by someone else, I reserve the right to not "friend" anyone as I so choose.

    If you add me to your f-list, please introduce yourself on my very first post. I might not recognize LJ names (if I know you) or it'd be nice to know who you are and why you added me to your f-list (if I don't know you).
    All unknown commenters are automatically screened.

    About Me: Summary

    Double Gemini with multiple personalities and interests, and the practicality of a Virgo to be able to do many things fairly well, if I put my mind to it.

    I am, amoung other things, a fencer, lover, friend, photographer, costumer, bibliophile, traveller, adventurist, teacher, student, artist, writer, geek, engineer, an avid reader, and an animal-lover, especially those of the feline variety. I am an instigator, protagonist, antagonist, the heroine, AND the villian.

    I am owned by more than several cats, surrounded by good close friends, and loved by one heck-of-a-guy. My life is a good one, and I am quite happy in it and with it.

    About Me: Detailed

    My journal is most about my life (what I do, the most important things in my life, and how I see life in general. And of course, there are the occasional random thoughts, rambling, and/or rant. I try to live my life by knowing what my priorites (or golfballs) are, and following through with those.

    (In no particular order...)

    Fencing: I've been a nationally-ranked fencer for the past 10+ years. I'll talk about practice, tournaments, lessons, my trials & tribulations about the general world of fencing, my successes & failures (not to mention the frustrations), and the all the little things that goes along with this damnable/enjoyable/frustrating/rewarding sport. As I am starting to referee/direct more national events, I'll post that too.

    Friends & Family: I'm lucky to be loved by one heckuva guy, smothered by some very adoring cats, and surrounded by very good friends. I often chronicle the good times with all of them.

    Photography, Artwork, & Writing: Photography is one of my passions that I am trying to learn more and more about each day. I prefer nature photography, but am doing more and more in the studio every day. And the photography leads into photo illustrations and sci-fi/fantasy pieces. Insofar as writing, I try, but as a professional writer, sometimes, I just don't have left overs from writing all day to pour into more creative writing aspects, but I try.

    Costuming/Cosplay: I'm an avid costumer. I cosplay as well. And I spend way too much time, money, and effort into fabric and all those little accrutements that involve costuming. But, I enjoy creating costumes, both historical, recreation, sci-fi, and fantasy.

    Religion, Spirituality, & Faith: There's more to life than the secular aspects; the soul & spirit need to be cared for as well. There's always more to learn, and always room to grow. I follow the calling of my own heart and soul, and while that might not be in keeping with most of mainstream, I respect other's views on religions and what path they follow, and ask that you do the same for me.

    Work: I'm a professional tech writer and general geek. I've been known to code, but frankly, I'm a better writer.

    Travelling: I grew up travelling all over the world, and fell in love with it. I love to see other places, other cultures, and interact with different people. I recently started travelling again from a hiatus.

    Miscellaneous: Then there's the other pieces of me that don't necessarily fall into neat little buckets or are just a part of my overall being, such as reading, love of legos, anime, chocolate, food, and the myriad of other little things that make up an individual person that are far too numerous to list, but are just as important as the big things.